Monday, November 18, 2013


In our art class we were asked to bring in 2 blue things for our class collection. I think our collection says a lot about this time period. This is all stuff we use in our everyday lives. There are book marks, phone cases, perfume, gum, and all sorts of other things. I think that this collection doesn't reflect my personal interests but i think that these kinds of collection take things from regular life that you begin to not notice or things you see regularly and those are the symbols of our time period. We were inspired  by Portia Munson her color collections are fun and eyecatching.

I collect..

I collect lots of things like ;clothes, jewelery, nail polishes, magazines, pictures of little things that make me smile, calenders, funky pillows, and handbags. I wouldn't really call my collections artwork, they're just things that I like. My collection shows that I think little things can change a whole ora of a space or your physical appearance, I collect a lot of conversation starters. There are a lot of artist that use collecting to make art, i feel that all of my things have a special place and order. I think its interesting to see how other people like to see the world and how they catagorize things. One of the most famous collection artists is Portia Munson. I think her collections are interesting a eye catching because you really see all different values of color and its a different experience from every angel and distance.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Candy jar drawing

For our second drawing if the year we did a candy jar drawing with color pencils. The color pencils are softer and easier to shade with also it's easier to convey what you are drawing. I have just finnally finished my drawing and I am pretty happy with it.