Sunday, November 4, 2012


Hello, as this marking period comes to a close I am looking foward to the 3 ahead i like the pace that the year is going though it gets alittle repetitive. I am really enjoying the assignment I have recived in art class and I like the suspense added tothe coptic setch at the end of the year by slowly adding on to it. My favorite assignment was the collage because it was a process that forced me to find where I stand and put it on paper with no words which are my favorite things.


Hello wide web, for our second assignment we were asked to state our veiws on pending political topics relavent to the election. I chose the topic that i felt was most importat for the people of America, welfare. My personal opinion is that we shouldn't just give everyone money, especialy  while we are in heavy debt. But I also feel that we shouldn't, though we need it, ask for money from everyone even those who don't have any.We should provide, instill, and instite the education needed to thrive in a career or to provied for your family in a respectful way. Though the jorney for the assignment my vision was clouded while trying to state any point at all. I even added the point of homeownership or the "white picket fences" being  the goal. I truly enjoyed this assignmen because it made me think. I'm looking foward to the next assignment.


In art class we were told to do the very iconic shoe drawing. I feel I chose to take it by the horns and learn from it. As my first official  finished project of the year it think everyones turned out great. I saw this as an exercise to practice my shading something I feel I personally have to improve on. I  enjoyed this assignment and hope to see an improvement by the end of the year. This looks like a great start. :)