Tuesday, April 8, 2014


My favorite memories as a kid were always at the park. Not on the swings or the slide or the seesaw, but walking in the woods, the running in the garden. I would listen to the kids laughing and feel the grass with my toes. I played with the butterflies worms skipped rope and listen to the beat. You could say I liked to be alone. I would always climb these big rocks and scrape my knees never really healed. The way the trees look just made the world feels a big. And the way the air felt, cool, comforting, it made me feel I could touch the sky. I can feel it now. I go back to those memories when I'm feeling suffocated, by work, family, my friends. I sit and try to feel the cool air surround me and imagine the grass on my toes, wishing I could drop everything and go back to that time and watch the clouds.