Friday, June 13, 2014

The book

Just like last year we had to construct a decorative sketchbook of all of our work from the year. I like the way this one looks in comparison to the book I made last year. This book is cleaner and brighter And more happy. I like to look through and see the work I did over months and months.

The Time Capsule

In the earlier months of the school year, we were given white carboard boxes and an objective. We were to bring in things little things like trinkets and our favorite food rappers, the name of our current favorite song. We would put all these things in the box and tape it up at the end of the year and make it into a peice of art. I plan to open this box in 15 years or something and read the letter I wrote myself, and remember and laugh and learn. I decided to cover my box in newspaper and use the color off tissue paper. I drew all over the box things that make me smile they make me happy. I drew turtle and fish and flowers and song lyrics. I want to remember and the little things that makes me happy.