Monday, January 27, 2014

Art x3

We did a interactive art project, our topic was celebrity. We started with a paper of our choice and create a workable background for someone else to portray their message about celebrity wether negative or positive. We would switch at at random 3 times and be left to create a final peice off of that. This was really fun and probably my favorite project so far this year. I was left with a pink background of glossy collaged pictures of shoes and I thought it was a great background to make my peice.

Pop print

For this project we did an Andy Warhol inspired project using stamp pads and printing ink. The first assignment for this project was to bring in something blue. I brought in a mascara, we first drew the object on a peice of paper keeping aware of how wide the lines had to but to get the carving instrument to carve wide and deep enough hole to print clearly. Finnally we mixed colors and patterns to create multiple prints. This was fun and easy, alittle tedious at points but worth it.